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After three weeks we had to say goodbye to Rovaniemi and went back to Germany.

Ranua Zoo

Today we all four went to the Ranua Wildlife Park which is located near Ranua (80 km in the south of Rovaniemi).

We don’t saw all the animals because some were brought inside or hide in their cages.
But snow owl, reindeers, ravens, swans, beavers, polar bears and lynx were some of the animals we could see.

After the trip we ate something in the restaurant there and bought souvenirs for friends and family.

Santa Claus Village

Soo, today we visit the Santa Claus Village near Rovaniemi.

There you could take photos with Santa, cross the polar circle or eat something, if you want also reindeer and go shopping in many different souvenir shops in every corner.
We all tasted reindeerburger and a chocolate-cake which were both really tasty.
We all thought that the villige is bigger, but were not sad because it was a very nice day.



One week is over now and it was so fast…
I wish to be here for a longer time because three weeks are really to short to see and explore all things you could do here. Next weekend we are going to go to the Ranua Wildlife Park and visit the Santa Claus Village a few miles away. There you can buy lots of souvenirs to bring some back to the German relatives.
This weekend the Sunday was a good day, in the morning I went to Arktikum (a Lappish museum) at 10 o’clock and stay there for three and a half hour. It was very interesting there and I made lots of photos to show after being back in Germany. You could see the exhibitions by paying eight euros for students and twelve euros for normal people.
You find many doors with pictures “Photos are forbidden” but if you ask at the entrance they allow taking them without flash.
I like most the histories about the northern lights where the people in former times thought that a fox is running over the sky and the snow which is flying around is the seeable light. Others thought that children playing football with a skull is seen as the northern light. These tales you could see in a show at Arctikum in a darkened room.
The rest of the day I walked through the city and visit each souvenir shop I found and take photos of interesting buildings and sightseeing.

CIMG1795 CIMG1886

Second week in Rovaniemi

It’s Monday and I was tired this morning. But happy to go to work with the boys and drink a hot chocolate after I’ve done my working.
I waited for the boys to finish their work and sat in a café for some time. I read my book and eat something sweet I bought their. I don’t know the name but it was tasty and I think about buying it again :)
After the half hour walk back to our apartment we went in a supermarket to buy some food and drink for the next day.

Arctic Lapland Rally

Today was the Arctic Lapland Rally ( near Rovaniemi. My company had a customer event there and so they asked me if I wanted to help and work that day.

The people came together in a Cafe at City Center and were driven somewhere into the woods. For the long and cold afternoon outside there were fires and hot drinks to warm the people.
Afterwards we all went to Sauna and then to a Party in a Club.



Circus training

Today I made a great jump forward at work because the script I code work correctly for the first time and I could work with it in my next steps.
One of our finnish collegues invited us to join their circus-traininig and we were driven to the course and back.
It was very funny there and I really like it to do this kind of sport. We were allowed to try everything they do there, like riding a one-wheel, balance on the rope. If the execises were too easy they showed us new more difficult ones to try and I was impressed by what you could balance on and what some people there are able to do.
We had no problems with the finish instructions because they showed the exercises for all or translated it to English.

Just an ordinary day

The first day we all have to work. We stood up early in the morning and Thomas and Julian walked towards the city center. Sarah was picked up by Tiina later and Eva had to walk to work because the company has its location outside the city but not far away from the dormitory. In the evening we met again and went to buy some groceries.


School visit and working places

On Monday Jari picked us up at 8:30 am and Julian was going to his company to start with his tasks. Afterwards we were driven to school in which Jari and Tiina work and we received the schedule for the day. Then we visited the school-cafeteria and participate at a lesson of Jari. After some interesting conversations with his pupils we met Tiina. She drove us to Evas working place and so also Eva could start to work. Afterwards we sat in a cafe in the city center of Rovaniemi where we eat something and talked about the first days. Then we had a meeting with the CEO of Thomas company. The evening we went to the office to pay for the accommodation and then we had lunch.


The second day

Yesterday we had a long day behind us, and today we overslept the half day.
In the afternoon we walked to the city to get an internet-stick and some first impressions of the life here. We take a look where we’ll be working the next days and what shops/stores we have around us. In the evening we had dinner, self made wraps, watched a movie and went to bed.

CIMG1785 Wherever we are we see snowcoverd scenes :)


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