Date: December 8, 2013

Some Ukrainian servicemen on BTRs went into Eastern cities

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Music.He said: “Thank you guys so much. First off to the other nominees in this category Lorde, Kung fu Kenny (Lamar), Jay Z, Gambino you guys are the reason I’m in the studio pulling my hair out man, cos I know you guys are only going to come with the top shelf artistry and music and thank you guys for blessing the world with your music, I mean that.”(Image: AFP)He recalled performing in Hawaii as a 15 year old and seeing people from different backgrounds coming together because of songs by Baby Face, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Teddy Riley, adding: “All I wanted to do with this album was that.”Those songs were written with nothing but joy and. Love and that’s all I wanted to bring with this album and hopefully I can feel that again and see everybody dancing and everybody moving.”I’d like to dedicate this award to them, they are my heroes, they are my teachers they lay the foundation.

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