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Replica Hermes Bags People often stop and come in, and they won’t come down here if the bridge is closed.It will greatly affect our business and two months seems such a long time for the closure.”However, the sentiments don’t represent the entire street. The bar manager at the Earl of Beaconsfield pub said: “Quite a few of our customers are local people. When the road has closed before for roadworks it hadn’t made a great deal of difference.”GTR says it will meet with the traders’ association to discuss any issues local businesses have with the planned closure.A presentation to city councillors and the public was setto take place today (October 11) to discuss these plans as part of the East Area Committee meeting, but that has now been cancelled.The reason for the cancellation, on the council’s website said: “The Cambridge Capacity Upgrade Project Team feel it would be more beneficial to have a focus group session where there is no limit on time and have key individuals available to respond to all questions and concerns.Read MoreMill Road”A dedicated Cambridge Capacity upgrade meeting with the key East Area committee councillors and a community focus group to discuss and answer any hermes idem belt replica queries or concerns about the scheme will be planned and dates will be advertised in due course.”GTR says it is also keen to work with residents on Mill Road, and will be calling a public meeting within two weeks Replica Hermes Bags.