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No goal, however, could ever supersede the goal of being who you really are being the I AM that YOU ARE. Further, nothing could be more important than being deeply attached not to tomorrow, next to next week, not to next month or year but to that one reality out of which tomorrow, next week, month or year emerges this present moment. When tomorrow comes, guess HOW it comes? There’s much you cannot face when you live in the imaginary mind of tomorrow.

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But while the rest of us had to wait patiently for the white

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This team management realizes that youngsters need that

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Think it was a great feeling when they felt I am talented enough to bowl in the death. This team management realizes that youngsters need that confidence. It has been a dream to interact with the likes of Rohit bhai, Virat bhai (Kohli) and MS Dhoni.

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TH: Team dynamic or experience plays a role too, of course, and especially when it becomes two athletes are very, very hard to distinguish between. There can be two who are just literally hundredths of seconds apart. On any given day, if you pushed four times, the results will be 50 50 on who fastest literally, that close..

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