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This interaction will accelerate the 7 of 10 movements

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Let me know who you wanted to win the Super Cup and feel free

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She has published several books

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canada goose factory sale Average prices for condos have risen 10 per cent to $722,566 over the past year.In the GTA, taxation is a hot topic, as it is in Greater Vancouver. GTA residents want the next Ontario government to reduce the land transfer tax and focus on policies that increase housing supply in the region, according to a poll from the Toronto Real Estate Board.An Ipsos poll of 1,200 GTA residents, conducted between May 18 and May 22, found 25 per cent ranked housing affordability as one of their top two issues in the Ontario election campaign.The Ipsos survey found 77 per cent of GTA residents support reducing the provincial land transfer tax and 68 per cent support repealing it entirely, TREB said.The poll also found 69 per cent of respondents agree that parties’ platforms on housing affordability will influence their voting decisions and 56 per cent believe the government should focus equally on increasing the supply of housing and reducing demand for housing.TREB released the canada goose black friday findings on Monday as it reported a 22 per cent drop in the number of homes sold in the GTA in May compared with a year earlier and a 26 per cent canada goose outlet eu decline in new listings of homes for sale, both signals that many people are still on the sidelines waiting for evidence of a recovery in the weak GTA market.Story continues below advertisementThe decline in listings is helping keep prices stable despite weak sales, TREB said, with the average selling price rising 1.1 per cent in May compared with April on a seasonally adjusted basis. Compared with May last year, prices for homes of all types were down 6.6 per cent last month.Jason Mercer, TREB’s director of market analysis, said indications are emerging that there is increasing competition and bidding wars for available homes, which generally leads to price growth.Although home prices have fallen since last spring, the region remains expensive for many buyers. canada goose factory sale

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