Date: December 13, 2014

Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition which has received

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Designer Replica Bags Saudi fighter jet ‘blown out of sky as infrared video shows warplane being hit by Yemeni rebels’ missile’The Houthi rebels claim they downed the F 15, but Saudi Arabia insists it crashed due to a technical faultNorth Korea could have enough material to build SIXTY nuclear weapons and may already have 20 replica bags cheap in arsenalThe two sides have been waging a bloody civil war that has left more than 10,000 Yemeni civilians dead and millions at risk of famine.The Houthi run al Masirah television network claims the jet was downed by a surface to air missile fired from within the rebels’ territory in Yemen.Saudi Arabia has waged a relentless air strike campaign against the rebels, who control the capital Sanaa and territory in the north along the border dividing the countries.Al Masirah claimed on Tuesday that one of the latest air strikes had killed 12 citizens in Taiz.The wealthy kingdom’s air defence system has shot down at least three Houthi rockets fired into Saudi Arabia in recent months.A civil war in Yemen the Arab world’s poorest country has left at least 10,000 people dead from fighting, disease and widespread famine.The war has been raging since Houthi rebels ousted Yemen’s pro Saudi government in 2015 as two factions fought for control of the government.The Houthis and their allies have been fighting forces loyal to UN backed President Abdrabbuh Mansur replica bags wholesale hong kong Hadi, who was forced to flee as the rebels seized the capital Sanaa.The bloody war is part of a wider struggle between regional powers Saudi Arabia and its regional foe Iran, and none of those involved appear close to achieving a victory.The protracted conflict has left thousands dead following air strikes and a blockade at Yemen’s ports which has allowed hunger and disease to spread.Terror groups al Qaeda and ISIS have also launched deadly attacks and seized territory amid the conflict.Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition which has received weaponry from allies including the UK and US, while Iran has been accused of supplying ballistic missiles to the Houthis.The Saudi led coalition has included the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan, according to UN sanction monitors. Qatar has been expelled from the coalition.Calls for a peaceful resolution have been ignored and fighting has flared again in the last two months, with the death toll rising and millions still in need of humanitarian assistance.There has been a surge in civilian casualties in recent weeks after former president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by the rebels. He and his forces had been aligned with them but switched sides and turned against them.The US has presented evidence which it claims proves that Iran has supplied short range ballistic missiles to the Shiite rebels which were then fired into Saudi Arabia.The UK, US and other allies have supplied weaponry to the Saudi led coalition which has been accused of killing innocent civilians through air strikes and a blockade of ports.The UN and aid groups have called for an end to the fighting.They have warned that millions of Yemeni civilians are at risk of starving if the Saudi led coalition continues to block humanitarian aid access Designer Replica Bags.

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