Political aspirations also seem to guide friendships among the male Assamese macaques Macaca assamensis, which are native to Thailand. For this social primate, dominance is the main factor that allows a male monkey access to females, and thus leads to reproductive success. In one study carried out in 2010, a monkey began ranking third in the group.

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If your team is to successfully take over a project and run it for the foreseeable future, they must not only understand the current state of the project, but how it came about. Have the freelancer run your team through each step he took as he started on the project. While it may seem like a waste of time at first, having this information will help your team develop a deeper understanding of the project.

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Display your web address. In addition, you should mention your website address on your phone message, in the signature of the emails of everyone in your company, and in any radio or television advertising. This simple step can drive a good deal of highly qualified prospects to your site for relatively little cost, but many companies are still using the same marketing materials that they used before they had a website (and missing out on a great opportunity to build traffic)..

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