Canada Goose Jackets Okay mod gave me permission to post again. I apologize to everyone. I wasn trying to troll. Temple Raston’s report was an exclusive on the release of the second part of Recorded Future’s al Qaida study. The first part was released in May and received some press attention, though not on NPR. The main element of the second part was the analysis by ReversingLabs of al Qaida’s encryption methods. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk black friday The practice is widespread. “Coach tours? Not for the likes of us! How ghastly!” Even pubs (“No Coaches”) may be against them. The image is of dimwit dotards being herded round places, thus ruining them. I’ve spent 33 months in Iraq and Afghanistan and could care less if a president or any brass came to visit us. We didn’t want Bush to visit. I voted for Obama but we didn’t want him to visit. canada goose uk black friday

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