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canada goose clearance sale On Monday’s ‘Claire Byrne Live’ programme, Mr Skehan appeared again to discuss homelessness and argue the numbers in Ireland are “normal” and on par with other EU countries.Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said something similar in 2017, when he claimed Ireland had a low rate of homelessness by international standards.However, what he conveniently neglected to mention was that Ireland’s definition of homeless is one of the narrowest in the EU excluding, to name a few categories, rough sleepers, people forced to couch surf, those living in overcrowded accommodation, women and children made homeless from domestic abuse and living in refuges and those living in direct provision.So when Mr Skehan or Mr Varadkar cite the level of homelessness in Sweden 34,000 as a means of making us look good, they are not telling the full story.For instance, included in Swedish figures are people who have three months left on a prison sentence but who have nowhere to go once released.While Mr Skehan may want to describe homelessness canada goose uk sale black friday as “normal”, because it is a phenomenon that happens regularly here and in other countries, that categorisation is an assault on language that seeks to undermine our empathy.Because, if something is normal then it means it is something we have come to accept, something that should not shock and something we should care very little about.The reality is it is not normal that the number of homeless adults and children has increased by nearly 300pc since 2014. It is not normal that children are growing up in hotel rooms and being denied a safe and secure childhood.And we will truly have lost our canada goose outlet soul as a nation if we can ever listen to an interview like the one given to ‘Morning Ireland’ recently by a homeless teenager, who said she felt after two years in emergency accommodation like she had “no life left” and describe it as normal.Instead of attempting to downplay the endemic nature of homelessness in Ireland, what is really needed is an acknowledgement of just how bad and how hopeless the situation currently is.Kudos in that regard should go to the head of housing at Dublin City Council, Brendan Kenny, who has not attempted to downplay the crisis, but rather has continually highlighted the extent of the problem.Speaking in December, Mr Kenny said the council was simply unable to keep up with the numbers being made newly homeless every month and that evictions from canada goose outlet vancouver the private sector which account for up to 70pc of those presenting as homeless made it impossible to make any progress.”We’re still getting about 200 families a month coming in presenting as homeless, mainly coming from the private rented canada goose langford uk sector.”We’ve a private rental sector that’s dysfunctional, it’s just not working and that’s the biggest issue for us,” he said.It is not the job of Dublin City Council to address problems in the rental sector that are leading to homeless. That is a responsibility of central Government, which has utterly failed to stem the tide of homelessness, despite a plethora of action plans and promises.At the weekend, it was alleged the Taoiseach no longer has any confidence in Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy because of the inexorable increase in homeless numbers under his watch a contention that was swiftly denied.But, even if a new housing minister were appointed, what are the chances that he or she would make any discernible difference canada goose clearance sale.