Do not use “BREAKING” or ALL CAPS in titles. Reduce the voting areas in urban areas to keep the lines longer to reduce the voting turnout even more. If you can’t even do that enough to win, just gerrymander the area to the point that their voice is drowned out.

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Many debtors think that a creditor does not have any recourse during the bankruptcy process. This is false and misleading as any creditor may object. In this instance, the debtor may be able to negotiate a settlement amount in return for not having a bankruptcy on record with that creditor.

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They have nothing invested because they have nothing to invest.People like this genuinely don’t care about anyone or anything. He feels abandoned by a society that does not have use for people like him, and is only saying these things to get a reaction. He has no other way to affect anyone and will move on to something else when this is all over.Those of us who have put effort into our lives, and built something worth preserving, are left to clean up the mess that these worthless troglodytes have made..

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