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Well, not directly caused by them, but by people depending on their GPS unit so much to guide them that they end up driving down dangerous roads, pedestrian clogged residential districts, and even over cliffs, things marked on the GPS maps that really aren suited for driving. People are losing the ability to use their own common sense in navigation and often can tell for themselves how to tell that the device is giving them bad advice.While GPS units are improving in leaps and bounds with regards to how good their maps are, the problem of potential over dependence remains, and looks to continue on as GPS navigation becomes ever more ingrained in our daily lives.Tracking and Privacy IssuesOne of the most powerful and controversial uses of GPS units is for tracking people and their things, from cell phones to cars. While this can help you get your stolen stuff back or track down a kidnapped child, it can just as easily allow someone to stalk you from afar.

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