Every big thing you would expect in a movie to be leaned into is just backed off to a point of minimalism. Standoff at Sparrow Creek is very much in the same vein. Given the title and the fact that it played in the Midnight Madness sidebar of the festival, I was expecting a 90 minute bloodbath.

The risk management strategy should also include ways to avoid or minimize possible risks. You can as well have one that can eliminate chances of risks. Perhaps it can be an insurance cover for all the possible risks. “Patients who are not moving don’t really have any caloric expenditure, but they’re also not eating,” Feldman said. “My guess is that she probably had a feeding tube. That really helps with the nutritional support, and babies tend to grow well even with just that.” Unlike IV fluids, a feeding tube is surgically placed in the stomach instead of a vein and provides formula for a patient..

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BUSTED Great service starts with happy employees. A management team that leads from the top down, putting the customer first and having little consideration for their front line has sadly misaligned priorities. A company that puts their employees first, creating a positive work environment, encouraging a positive, happy culture and designing programs that are “employee centric” will also be putting the customer first.

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