cheap moncler jackets While tablets and computers can be great for learning, they can also get in the way of social time with the family and may affect kids’ behaviour.In fact a recent report by the British Medical Journal says tablets and the like should not be played within the hour before bedtime or be used to replace time with the family.And while the TV can often be a Godsend, what about youngsters access to phones, computers, tablets, or gaming devices?It can be tricky to find a balance especially if youngsters are now hooked on electronics left under the Christmas tree and you’re finding it difficult to set limits.Understanding the best way forward can be a worry for parents. But it doesn’t have to be.If you need ideas on screen free ways to distract the kids when you need to get on with something, the Parent Club website is full of handy hints and tips.A one stop shop, it has lots of tried and tested tips from other parents.We asked our panel of parents to share their own experiences on managing their children’s screen time.Dad Tony Clark, from East Kilbride, believes that devices are a mixed blessing thanks to their teaching abilities, but feels they can have an effect on basic social interaction that kids will rely on in the future.”I’m quite happy that my daughter is screen literate as the world is becoming more technologically advanced. I would say to parents to be mindful of what is being accessed, and to make sure your children are properly educated on their time limits,” he says.Lucy Milne, 30, from Dundee, is mum to three boys and uses screen time as a treat.But she has some advice to ensure you’re practising what you preach: “We are all guilty of too much time online, as cutting back is easier said than done.So, if you can, put all screens away the kids will love having your full attention.”Mum of three Vicki Leaver, 40, from Perth, says: “I’d advise parents to keep an eye on the videos their wee ones are watching.”While I would load up a My Little Pony Episode, my three year old, Lily, would click her way through to obscure videos I didn’t want her watching.”It’s easy to set time limits on devices, apps and video games, which makes them close down after a set Our site time so this is worth considering if your youngster is reluctant to put their screen away.Pamela Lucas, 35 from Kirkintilloch, a mum of three says there’s a balance to be had. cheap moncler jackets

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