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We watched a few dudes huffing paint just before the burial. Everyone was drunk and crying. It was a wild funeral.matiasrdz 2 points submitted 28 days agoMinutemen seems kind post punk to me, but I guess they could be punk too. WTC2 was hit at 9:03, between the 77th to 85th floors. As opposed to WTC1, the aircraft impacted while in a sharp bank, so parts of the impact zone remained passable. 18 individuals who were on or above the 78th floor, at the time of the impact, above survived, most from a “sky lobby” on the 78th floor.

Sorry I can’t link them, I read them on actual paper. Anecdotally, I know women who smoked throughout, and women who didn’t. Personally, I did not smoke while breastfeeding. This star was born in recent weeks while weighing in at 330 pounds. Which is down from the 345 Knighton carried into Denver when he signed his two year contract as a free agent last March. And to think Knighton was benched for most of last season by the Jaguars and one and done coach Mike Mularkey.