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Pick your cluster of stars and stay there.The idea is to stack multiple passenger missions to the same destination. Then take new passenger missions at the destination back to your home base (or to another destination in the same cluster). Rinse and repeat.

It also boasts of flash, torch, focus, exposure and white balance settings which you can tweak anytime you want to. Other features of this app include multiple cameras/swapping support, tap to focus and Retina display optimization. (Price: $0.99) (Download link).

It is important for the seller to be sure and confident that he is taking the right step. It is also important to do some homework and, to some extent, rely on gut feeling. Going against it could lead to regret. That is not true. I don want to kill myself, but yeh. Sometimes when I depressed I feel like it my destiny or some shit..

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Be patient and understanding of your physical ailments and take your time getting back into the grind of working normal hours. It may be helpful to work out limited hours with your employer for the first week. Consider visiting the office on off hours to prepare for your return.

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