nancy’s latest bullshit and fdh standing up to his mom

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iPhone Cases sale There are suspects in this case. Maria relative claimed to have seen her leave in a vehicle. In Mexico, people identify themselves by using the paternal surname and the maternal surname. Why would they come to a website that lets racism rule the day? Do you really expect Coca Cola to support a website that let its users dehumanize entire swaths of people based on their race, religion, sexual preference, or country of origin? Just because you turn off advertising on any page that shows certain subs it doesn make those advertisers any less complicit in funding that hate speech.You need to do better, or you need to to make a clear post in /r/announcments that defends you decision where you take the time not only to address the questions you received here but any and all questions that are raised in that thread. Don try to hide behind an edit once the media gets wind of your statements. Come directly to the community specifically about this issue and have a nice long AMA.Your investors expect you to make a commercially viable website that will bring them ROI. iPhone Cases sale

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