So what does this all have to do the MVB (most valuable bum) Well, we here at Bum Theory want to make sure the criteria is stated right from the start so that you know why we have nominated some of these players for this midseason award (and eventually the end of season award). We also would love to hear back from all of you as the debate rolls on is the AL and NL MVBWAR (wins above replacement), this stat matters to us at Bum Theory. Last season was not a fluke and I am better than ever..

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I play in four or five leagues a year, and it usually works out that I’ve got two or three players who are common to most or all of my teams. Partly because I believe in them, partly because it just makes things easier while watching games and following league matchups on Sundays. For me last year that was Cousins and Blount..

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