Afghanistan bombing kills 25 including veteran photographer

As a journalist, as a member of the Afghan media and as the president of a news website, you have been directly impacted by this war. What’s it been like to see the effect your work has on people in your country?

I don’t have any words to explain how it feels. My heart just broke in the wake of these horrific attacks. When it happened, I saw people from all across the world come together to mourn the deaths of so many Afghans who were so close to me.

As an American journalist, my heart breaks for the people of Afghanistan and to the families of the dead.

I have witnessed countless tragedies. I have been in the midst of many conflicts, as well, such as conflicts of the past and the present. So my family has come to me and said, this war in Afghanistan is our most difficult journey and as American journalists, weapronx can’t stay away from it.

At times, you seem to find the war as something that has an emotional impact, rather than simply a military operation. What has it been like to watch people who have become like your family and friends come together?

I have to admit I am also not surprised when those with whom I interact come together. When my country, Afghanistan, comes under attack, I think it has to be an emotion, it has to be a way of life. And it has to be a way of living in some way. And that kind of emotion I do not understand.

When it happened, we were looking at a large, bloody mass of bodies, with so many soldiers, policemen and civilians lying dead, many of them with so much blood in their clothes and clothes and with so many injuries.