Sentencing study confirms doubts police officers have over use of stun guns in custody

Police are questioning whether officers are using stun guns for more than just the legitimate reason of de-escalation; a study finds.

A우리카지노 federal judge on Wednesday sentenced a Minnesota police officer to five years in prison for using a stun gun to subdue a teen armed with a knife on a city bus in September 2012.

The state has been embroiled in a nationwide debate over whether stun guns, used in a number of circumstances, violate people’s rights to resist arrest by force.

According to the state Department of Justice, “There is overwhelming scientific and medical evidence in support of the use of stun guns in a non-lethal form of force.”

However, the Justice D바카라epartment found there was less evidence for the use of stun guns in a police officer-involved shooting, in part because police are not required to hold an in-person hearing우리카지노 before deploying them. In addition, as part of the sentencing report released today,